POSiT™ (Point of Sales with Inventory Tracking)

POSiT™ is designed to provide POS solutions to single or multi-branch retailers and wholesalers successfully manage their business processes from purchasing and planning through the distribution and final sale of goods.

Utilizing one enterprise database, POSiT also gives manufacturers, who run wholesale and retail shop, manage their whole process from ordering, production, shipping and AP/AR through easily integrating to our AGMS™.

Affordable Pricing for Single Store Owners: PKIM guarantees lowest price for Single Store POS solutions:

Single Store - 1 Cash Register PC (Dell Optiplex with 17" flat monitor), Metrologic Laser Barcode Scanner, SamSung Thermal Receipt Printer, Heritage Cash Drawer and POSiT Cash Register Application with IT Master (Back Office Solution for Inventory Tracking) - $1,800.

PKIM provides free customer support (up to 6 month after the purchase).


  • Provides simple and easy Point-of-sales functions including customer tracking, gift certificates, layaways, receipt lookup/ gift receipt, refund, line discount, total discout, mutiple currency calculation, store inventory tracking,
  • P/O and P/O receiving process with Back Order capability,
  • Easy and simple merchandise receiving process w/o creating P/O,
  • Intelligent distribution process to multiple stores, stores to head office returns, store-to-store item transfer,
  • Open system architecture, relation database management system and 4GL rapid development frames by PKIM,
  • Sales/Inventory data accessible through Internet,
  • Reserve merchandise management, main office reserve distribution,
  • Simple and reliable data replication for multiple locations,
  • Hot item/Slow Item/Vendor analysis tool with separated sales database,
  • Serial Number tracking to enable physical inventory during store sales operation,
  • e-commerce solution ready