e-POSDVR (POS with Digital Video Recorder) System

The e-POSDVR (POS with Digital Video Recorder) system is simply two functions for retail business, POS and surveillence are in one syste. The images of POS area will be stored along with POS transaction data into database. It will reduce your investment on DVR and POS systems by purchasing one system, e-POSDVR.

DVR system converts and records video images from conventional analog CCTV camera for extended period of time with real-time surveillance.

DVR systems, not like conventional CCTV system which just records incoming video images but single DVR system can be incorporated with various external components (ex. Thermal Detector, Infrared Sensor, Shock Sensor, Door Sensor, light, access control and etc.) and self contained Motion detection feature which is with no doubt most integrated surveillance system ever.

Especially, now a days not like systems from the past which operates independently from each other Number of systems incorporates as an network which makes unified system management and surveillance possible and also where there is internet access available it can be viewed and controlled from remote places in real-time. To construct networks of surveillance system requires DVR system which is a must.

We have been providing side-by-side POS Transaction screen and POS area images for our software customers since year 2000.

We provides Linux based Stand Alone Systems and PC-based systems.


The LD series, Linux DVR systems provides reliable stability, powerful Linux network, easy maintenance and upgrades, and has compatibility with any PC. There are SD400, LD800 and LD1600 for 4, 8, 16 Chanel Video Inputs.


The Secu Mesh product which constructed to be applied to various systems and it is suitable to enterprise or individual those who want to incorporate their own system or specific system application.

 Key Features
  • Support Various Video compression Codec (MJPEG, Wavelet, XMB (MPEG4 Based))
  • High Quality image compression ratio (XMB, Under 1Kbyte / frame)
  • Easy to use search using time, date and camera
  • High Speed Display Rate Up To Max. 480 FPS
  • High speed Recording Rate Up To Max. 240 FPS
  • Support LAN, ISDN, PSTN ( High Speed Image transmission,3E-mail Notification, Remote Control function)
  • Remote Camera Control (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)
  • Motion Detection
  • Sound broadcasting
  • 16 channel multiplexer
  • Scheduled Recording
  • Watch Dog
  • IP multicasting
  • Various and convenient search function
  • Easy to use interface
  • Remote Searching and Recording feature
  • User selectable Multi-Skin GUI
  • Support various Image output format (BMP, JPEG)
  • Support various Back-Up Device (CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW/RAM, DAT)